The Making of

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to check the site out and, based on the feedback, it seems everyone agrees that it isn’t a fail!  I appreciate all the kind words, so thank yall so much.  I thought yall may want to know the thought process I used when coming up with the site.  I confess to be a total geek, so this may not be interesting to anyone but me, but I digress…

Before I started any design ideas, I knew that RobRadio would be the main attraction, so I built that first.  I’ve been listening to it for about 5 months and just recently shared it with the public as a teaser for my site launch.

The BIG IDEA was to build a virtual pub.  A pub that Rob would, hypothetically, like to drink his pints at, and maybe hop up on stage on open mic night and belt out a few tunes.  I knew the pub would be in London and I’ve never been over the pond, because rednecks just don’t go to Europe, so I went to Europe via Google.  I started researching London pubs and found a few key design elements that most of them have in common:

1.  Dark exterior color and pub name in brass letters
2.  Flickering lanterns outside, often adjacent to a sign with some sort of coat of arms on it
3.  Interior floors are checkered black and white
4.  A LOT of dark wood inside – the walls, the bar, etc.

With these few similarities in mind as a starting point, I started scouring the web and saving my ideas in one place for easy reference.  For weeks I collected, changed my mind, thought about scrapping the idea completely, but after living with the ideas for a month or so I began working.

I thought I’d share my “storyboard” with yall.  You can see the original pub, the one before it was virtually remodeled into Pattinson Arms.  You’ll see the two family crests for Pattinson and which one I chose that now colorfully adorns the iron scroll sign outside of Pattinson Arms.  You’ll see which ideas I stuck with and which that I trashed.  You’ll think of me as a woman with premature memory loss problems that talks to herself… and you’ll be thinking right.

Check out my initial collection of design ideas – Jen’s Storyboard

Let me know what you think of the outcome and I also look forward to your suggestions to make this the coolest virtual pub on Earth.

One love, Jen