New Music Mondays

Because you know good music when you hear it! SAMAM GLOBAL and have teamed up to serve you New Music Mondays!  Bringing you more of the artists we like through the fan sites you love. Coming very soon!

This Monday, check out the lovely and talented Ayda, our resident guitar tutorial maestro!  She has just finished the guitar tutorial for Never Think, so check it out here!  Her beautiful voice is soothing and is perfect for calming a hectic Monday morning.  Many thanks, Ayda, keep up the great work!

Please leave a comment below for the next Rob song you think Ayda should conquer!

One love, Jen

PS: For those tracking the Adventures of the New Stoli Shirt, the term “NewStoliShirt” made it on the MTV VMA’s Tweet Meter under both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tweet trackers.  Check it out!!

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