What’s In A Name?

A few people have emailed me about my site domain name curious how I came up with the name, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know the thought process behing to the domain name that I chose for the site, MyRobertPattinson.com.  I surely don’t want anyone to think that, with my site name, I am trying to “claim ownership” of Rob.  haha

What MyRobertPattinson.com means is “this is my Robert Pattinson fan site” – if you SAY IT, SAY IT OUT LOUD  (har har, Robward humor) My Robert Pattinson Dot Com if just like saying My Robert Pattinson Cyber Shrine.  My little piece of cyber space devoted to Rob’s music – music that is all too deserving and not nearly enough recognized on the nets.  So there ya go.

Same thing goes for my Twitter name.  MyRobPattinson is for My Rob Pattinson Twitter, not to be confused with my personal Twitter account that is top secret and never to be revealed.  jk, sorta.   ♥

One love, Jen

PS:  I also bought TheRobertPattinson.com and RobertPattinsonMusic.com because I couldn’t decide – so who knows, I may change names one day just to spice things up.