New This Week!

I am so excited to announce my site’s participation in SAMAM GOBAL’s “New Music Mondays” promotion!  Each week we will highlight a new up and coming musician.  Artists in the same vein as Sam, Marcus and Bobby.  Artists we think you’ll love!  We’ll also be giving away autographed cds, concert tickets, and all sorts of lil’ goodies – it’s sure to be titillating!  Our first New Music Mondays artist is GREG HOLDEN, please check him out!  Enjoy!

Also, I have acquired a new audio program and will be working to “clean up” some of the not-so-great audience recordings for a few of Rob’s live performances.  I should have the fixed songs posted on RobRadio by Friday.

Last but certainly not least, the New Stoli Shirt watch continues!  Sam Bradley is playing a concert in Vancouver on Friday, September 25, so the day before (Thursday) we will be hosting a Twitter Pound-a-Thon and encouraging the masses to tweet #NewStoliShirt and change their avatars to a photo of the New Stoli Shirt for the entire day Thursday. The goal is to make it into the trending topics and “remind” Rob that we’d all love to see him wear it!  Ladies from all over the globe are hotly anticipating the glorious day when the New Stoli Shirt is adorned by our favorite star!  It’s been such a great feeling to know that everyone in the Twitterverse is on Team Stoli!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

If you have any suggestions for additional ways to promote the New Stoli Shirt, orany feedback for our New Music Mondays promotion, please leave it in the comments section below!  Thanks!

One love, Jen