Moving Right Along

Thanks again to everyone who helped pound the shit out of #NewStoliShirt on Twitter last week!  We didn’t make it into the trending topics, nor did Rob wear the new Stoli shirt, but it’s all good!  I have faith that it will get worn one day cos the old Stoli will continue to fall into disrepair and eventually will have to be sewn again at some point – it’ll be needing a stand-in.  Honestly, I think the real win is just having confirmation that he has it.  So folks, I’m sad to report this is the end of the Stoli adventure for now – thanks for playing along with me!

So, like I said, moving right along….

We have a new artist to pimp – Rosi Golan – our New Music Monday artist.  She’s featured right over c’here -click- check her out mmk?

Also, the remastered bootleg audio is still in the works due to some unexpected real life duties that popped up for me last week. It shall be finished this week, pinky promise.

One love, Jen

PS:  The @StoliShirtBot is still alive and tweeting.  Follow the bot for Stoli updates.

PSS:  Happy Birthday to Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind.  My favorite lyricist of all time.