Closing Out 2009

2009 has been a great year!  I have a few updates to leave you with this holiday season.

There’s been more and more rumblings of Rob contributing a song to the Eclipsemovie soundtrack.  Trust me, if we get an official confirmation I will be announcing it over the world-wide PA system. haha

Also, more rumblings that Rob will record an “anonymous” record after all of theTwilight franchise films have been completed.  For those who are “new” to all of Rob’s music, Rob has stated several times that he would hate to be compared to cross-over artists like Jennifer Lopez.  Rob’s afraid that his talents of being and actor and a musician would make him come across as “cheesy.”  (And the sound of sad pandas crying is heard throughout the lands…)

Thank you to Anja F. for transcribing the (bad quality) recording of “In Your Head” so we’d have the correct lyrics to post in our Discography section!

Oh and here’s more musical eye candy from Vanity Fair:


Last but not least, my New Moon movie premiere recap:

I was lucky enough to be one of the thousands of people that descended upon Los Angeles for the world premiere of New Moon.  My buddy Alison over at lovely affiliate) was 1st in line for the red carpet and she saved me a spot in line with her famous group.  I was along the red carpet in a primo position to meet & greet with the entire cast of New Moon and snap some pics and vids.  The most unexpected thing happened, too: a Summit representative pulled Alison and the 4 of us into the theatre to watch the movie with the entire cast!  We sat in front of Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster  – Rob’s two friends that are amazing artists in their own right and have written many of the songs you hear on RobRadio!  Afterwards I got to hang out with the #LALadies from LTT/LTR (another lovely affiliate) and meet everyone that I’ve been chatting with the better of 2009! It was an amazingly great time!

And I leave you with my pics and vids from LA:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Jen

Piano & Guitar Case Pic Source:  Vanity Fair