Simon Says… Make Us an Album!

It’s been a while, hope you are all doing well!  Not much music news to report right now, but there are more whispers about Rob recording this year I thought I’d share with you. It’s going to take some explaining so read carefully.

Rob’s next film, Bel Ami, is being executively produced by Simon Fuller’s new company XIX (Roman numeral for 19). If you don’t recognize Simon Fuller’s name, well, he’s the brains behind American Idol via his former company 19 Entertainment. Fuller sold 19 Entertainment to CKX in 2005 but stayed on board, he just left in January and formed XIX at the same time. Bel Ami, with leading man Rob, is Fuller’s and XIX’s very first film project. Oh and Fuller founded the Spice Girls and has managed the careers of tons of other musical acts, including Carrie Underwood.

Simon Fuller is not to be confused with Simon Cowell, my personal favorite judge on American Idol. Cowell has reportedly approached Rob about signing Rob to a major record deal. Cowell recently finalized a long-term deal with Sony Music Entertainment via his Syco Records. It’s been reported that Rob is leery of Cowell, but I call BS on that rumor. Every other artist on my Sirius radio is an American Idol or X-Factor winner.

So are you thinking “that’s great, Jen, but where are you going with all of this?” Here’s what I’m thinking:

Is Fuller’s leap into the executive producer’s seat at Bel Ami a ploy by Fuller to get closer to Rob and his huge potential of a music career? Did Cowell get wind of it and try to jump in and muddy those waters to steal Rob away from Fuller for himself? Maybe! It’s totally a believable scenario to imagine Rob’s music career being managed by Simon Fuller under the 19 Recordings umbrella or Simon Cowell’s Sony affiliation. The one link between these two Simon’s is American Idol, so now, I’m just wondering if we’re gonna see Rob make an appearance on the American Idol season finale in May! With these two Simons involved and a Fuller-produced movie to promote, is this too left field? I don’t think so.

More food for thought: Summit Entertainment has been uncharacteristically mum about Twilight Saga: Eclipse. We’ve yet to get any hints on the movie, much less the Eclipse soundtrack and the possibility of Rob’s inclusion of a song or two. I’m sure we’re all holding out hope, especially considering the Rob-less New Moon soundtrack sales were no where near those of Twilight movie soundtrack that featured 2 songs by Rob.

Oh and before I forget, CONGRATS to Rob and the Brit Pack for the Twilight movie soundtrack Grammy nod. There is no doubt in my mind that it was Rob’s 2 songs on their that were a main part of the success of this album.

Last but not least, I’m lending my brilliance (sarcasm) to theBel Ami Movie blog. I figure since I rarely get to update here that it would be a good outlet for all the creative energy Rob and his music inspires me with! Please join me and my 3 e-besties on It’s a dirty little blog for a dirty little movie.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my ramblings! Leave me a comment below.

One love,