Recapping the Latest in Rob Music News

Rob’s been a busy bee this year! After promoting ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Eclipse,’ then filming ‘Bel Ami’ and ‘Water for Elephants,’ I’m starting to wonder when or if he’s had time to focus any on his music. In fact, he confirmed this to the Sun in late April, saying that a back-to-back filming schedule has left him little time to focus on his real love: music.

‘I always think there must be more, I get angry because I think I’m missing out.’

He also revealed his Hollywood get-out plan is still music, and he would really love to record more.

‘I haven’t been able to do my music for ages, all my friends are recording albums and I’m very annoyed about it, but I can’t do two things at once.’

But I guess all that time in between takes on various movie sets have given him time to compose. At least he’s said so in some more recent interviews. He’s talking about his music a lot more these days, most recently on 7/10/10 he was quoted as saying:

“I’m seriously thinking of doing music with my sister. It’s a project that should be done before the end of the year.”
[Paris Match via Hollywood Life]

It’s assumed he is talking about recording with Lizzy, his gorgeous sister that is a well-known singer/songwriter based in London. This is so exciting to me and DARN if I had heard of this news earlier I would have asked Lizzy when I met her 6/23/10 in LA after a Sam Bradley concert.

By the way, Lizzy is now on Twitter @LizzyPattinson.

Check out Lizzy’s earthy, breathy music (loves):

In another recent interview with (during the Eclipse press junket), Rob was asked about the rumors of him wanting to be a rapper. Here’s what he says when asked if it’s true he used to want to be a rapper and who his favorite hip-hop artist is:

“You know I really did, I still kinda do. Probably Wu Tang. I think when I was pretending to be a rapper I just stole their lyrics. My parents were like, ‘How do you know this stuff? What’s Compton?’ They didn’t understand it. ‘Why aren’t you talking about London.'”

The interviewer then says she has interviewed RZA from Wu Tang before and encourages Rob to reach out to them because she’s sure they would love to collaborate. About the collaboration idea and RZA, Rob says, ‘I’d love to, that’d be amazing! I think he [RZA] is a genius. I think Wu Tang was the most original band in… in my life anyway… and I think for like our generation… blahblahblah.” Watch the interview:


Listen to some Wu Tang here:

In April, an article came out in Hungary, where Rob was filming Bel Ami at the time, and Rob was once again talking about his music. This time he talked about conquering a new instrument.

The musical scene in Hungary is bustling though and you like to make music.
The guys I grew up with all became musicians and they are really good, I usually do something with them.

What kind of instruments do you play?
I’m fighting with the violin now, not with a teacher, only by myself, but not every one around me is happy about it. And I’m composing. It’s interesting; it all depends on the actual character I’m playing. The guy I play in my new movie, ‘Remember Me’ is a guy with deep feeling. When I was shooting that movie, I composed lots of new songs. The guy in ‘Bel Ami’ though is absolutely shallow, who is not touched by anything in the world, especially not by art and since I’m in his skin now, I have a total mental block.

Do you have a band?
We had something, but we fell apart. It’s really different now that it’s not my main act any more. It’s just a diversion from acting now. That sounds a little cheesy. Of course, if there’s a mic in a bar, you don’t have to ask me twice even today. I did that a few times in Los Angeles, but some one recorded it and put it on the internet and it scared me away. I don’t need that. I will wait until this craziness around me dies down and then I will make music again.

As a part-time musician, I guess you are interested in the Hungarian musical scene too.
What is that band in New York called? Gogol Bordello! Didn’t they do that documentary film about the eastern European gypsy musicians? I’ve been interested in ethnic folk lore since my childhood, so of course yes, I’d like to check out the Hungarian music too.

Ask the producers, maybe they can shut down a bar for you in Budapest.
Nah, on one hand that wouldn’t be fair, on the other hand, that wouldn’t be like blending into the clapping crowd and immerse myself into their music.

Rob seems to have plans for his music to be released, though he has acknowledged that the “money” is in acting and music is all about “proving yourself everyday and not getting paid.”

Oh Rob, that may be true for some musicians, but I think your music would sell so much without even having to go on tour – but you’d HAVE to go on tour. I have visions of you headlining Coachella and Bonnaroo. I have dreams of you headlining Madison Square Garden to a sold out crowd and it’s just you, a guitar and a spotlight. I watch the video for Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble” and I pretend it’s you because this is definitely the kind of song you’d write. HOP.TO.IT.


So what do you think, people?  Will the day ever come that the craziness around Rob subsides? Will Rob put a record out? Will we ever see him play live? Have I missed any mentions about Rob’s music or inspirations that should be posted on this site? Leave me your thoughts below.

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