Video of Rob Singing

The most amazing thing happened today. Video of Rob singing and playing guitar in someone’s living room in London appeared online today.

It’s a new thing in London inspired by a Leonard Cohen song and it’s called Songs from a Room. Sounds really hipster and fun! As part of the news report, a clip of Rob singing and playing guitar for a few seconds was shown. Here it is!


Not too much later, a YouTube version came out (thanks TwiBritneyfan) of just Rob singing. Here you go. Prepare to loop it.


A longer clip aired on E! News yesterday, here’s the clip:


Several great performances from people’s living rooms can be found on YouTube and the Songs from a Room official website. Check it out.

Next, we caught wind of a video of Rob’s sister, Lizzy Pattinson, performing “Hands,” the song she wrote with Rob! GOOD God, her voice is AMAZING.


Last but not least, check out the updated RobRadio. I added an mp3 of Rob’s clip. Thanks to RPLife for making that and saving me some time!


One love,